Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Cho Yoon-hee, a single mother, unveiled for the first time in her life with her daughter Roa.Cilantro fragrance

JTBC’s new entertainment show “Brave Solo Childcare-I Raise” (hereinafter “I Raise”, planning Hwang Gyo-jin, directing Kim Sol), which first aired at 9 p.m. on the 9th, presented laughter and sympathy to viewers by revealing similar but diverse solo parenting routines.

Kim Gu-ra, Chaerim, Cho Yoon-hee, Kim Hyun-sook, and Kim Na-young, who gathered together on the same day, set the order of solo parenting and began their first meeting pleasantly. And Cho Yoon-hee, who became the main character of the first video, revealed her daily life for the first time, saying, “I wanted to challenge anything with Roa, and I was encouraged to make memories.”

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Cho Yoon-hee’s house was full of hearts for Roa’s growth, drawing attention. In the living room, there were trampolines and slides instead of sofas, and pictures that could stimulate imagination instead of TVs. In addition, Roa’s room has a separate space for reading, playing house, and origami, and the studio’s “cut angle” interior, which is so diligent that it is hard to believe that it is a house with children.

Early in the morning, Cho Yoon-hee, who turned on classical music and started preparing breakfast, has been sticking to regular parenting, feeding Roa an egg every morning after she was born. At this time, Roa woke up to eat breakfast and made everyone laugh with her lovely visuals.

Roa gently greeted his uncles where the cameras were installed, “Hello,” melting their hearts. And Roa enjoyed playing house with her mother and showed off her storytelling and acting skills. Cho Yoon-hee also showed YouTube for Roa, who is not gluttonous, for a fixed time only when eating, allowing him to learn the concept of numbers and eat hard at the same time.

In particular, Cho Yoon-hee showed off her unusual mother’s appearance, saying that parenting is her constitution. “I want Roa to be a free kid. “I want to be a subjective mother,” she said.

Shinwoo and Lee Jun’s mother Kim Na-young then revealed their daily lives such as “Cheerful Cartoon.” Kim Na-young tried to put CNU and Lee Jun back to sleep at 6:30 a.m., but the two brothers showed off their overflowing energy and refused to allow their mother to sleep soundly.

Kim Na-young expressed her affection for the children to the extent that she said she only saw the first floor close to the daycare center when she was looking for a house for Shin-woo and Lee Joon. Kim Na-young, who started playing with her two sons right after she woke up, showed teamwork that resembles an entertainment program.

Kim Na-young also showed her mother’s aspect, raising children with different personalities. He found a solution by consulting with his brother Shin-woo, who seems to be naughty when Lee Jun, who has a delicate sensibility, sulks. Also, we talked and touched each other like friends with children. And I always tried to give two brothers fair love, which touched my heart.

“I want to be a good mother. “I hope the children will be mothers who can be comfortable when they grow up and think about ‘mother’.” As a result, expectations are high on whether he will be able to go out smoothly after preparing for the commercial shoot with the children after finishing his meal.

In the first episode of “I Raise It,” he showed various parenting and gave emotion and fun. In particular, it was an opportunity to look into various shapes of life existing in the world. Not only those who are raising children alone, but also anyone can share a meaningful time to learn pleasant daily life and parenting tips, giving comfort and support to someone and laughter to someone.

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